Hatred is never justified – Kagame

Hatred is never justified – Kagame

President Paul Kagame has been awarded with the Dr Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Award for Outstanding Friendship with the Jewish People from the World Values Network on 22 May 2017 at the World Values Network annual gala in New York, US.

The award recognises Kagame’s role in the fight against genocide as well as in contributing to Rwanda’s relations with Israel and the global Jewish community. Friendship between Rwanda and the Jewish people is entirely natural given the shared history.

The President noted that human dignity was at the centre of everything and it was the duty of all to protect it and curb all ideas and tendencies of hatred. He highlighted the role of forgiveness and reconciliation in rebuilding countries and societies after atrocities.

Trivialising the Genocide

Across the world, efforts to deny and trivialise the Genocide against the Tutsi were on the rise despite the evidence present, President Kagame called on concerted efforts to stand against Genocide denial.

“Efforts to deny and trivialise the genocide are on the rise around the world yet the fact of genocide cannot be avoided. We must come together to confront this serious threat and ensure that it does not take root in any society,” Kagame said.

He commended Rabbi Shmuley Boteach one of the curators of the event for establishing the International Genocide Centre, which he said Rwanda was ready to collaborate with in tackling denial.

Going forward, Kagame said that in the face of threats and danger, Rwanda will never rely on external promises of security and wellbeing but rather will always protect itself.


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