Do not allow talent go to waste, Kagame says

Do not allow talent go to waste, Kagame says

Speaking at the “Meet the President” series to over 2000 participants including artists, members of the media, sportsmen and women, President Paul Kagame has urged responsible institutions to help develop potential among Rwandans to compete at the international level in various disciplines and ensure that no potential is wasted.

Pointing to the need for government and individuals to complement each other, Kagame called on talented individuals to work with institutions to develop their potential:

“It is the responsibility of both the individual and institutions to work together to ensure that individuals with talent are able to fulfill their full potential. When we let talent go to waste both the individual and the country lose,” President Kagame said.

The Head of State added that it was not acceptable for Rwanda to lag behind when there are individuals with the talent to compete not only regionally but globally.

The Head of State thanked all participants for their critical role in national development stressing the need to use available resources to support them.

The event which was also attended by top government officials took place at the Kigali Convention Centre.

Congratulating Rwandan athletes, including the long distance runner Salome Nyirarukundo who recently won the Kigali Peace half marathon as well as the Rwanda Cycling team among others, the President added that their success is proof of what can be achieved.

“The talent we have in arts, sports and in media are a good example to show that it is possible, we are ready to provide our support but you must also be willing to put the support into use,” he said.