Rwandans fast-track prosperity as they mark 23rd anniversary of Liberation

Rwandans fast-track prosperity as they mark 23rd anniversary of Liberation

Rwandans across the country and in the Diaspora today celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the Liberation Day, remembering the time when the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi was stopped and citizens embarked on a long journey to positively transform their country.

The day will be observed countrywide and among the Rwandan Diaspora globally under the theme, “Together we prosper,” to emphasise the importance of the unity of Rwandans for the country’s development.

Similar to last year, the Government is expected to hand over homes to different vulnerable citizens who need shelter and this will conducted in every district of the country.

The government had earmarked Rwf 22billion for the project, with 312 houses of four-in-one units and 10 houses of two-in-one units planned for construction to host over 1200 households before the end of last month.

Planned settlements

Families from high-risk zones and other vulnerable citizens will be settled while well-off people will also be invited to build their own homes in the designated model villages that have been set up in their neighbourhoods across the country.

The model villages have integrated complete programmes like land sharing, infrastructure development as well as socio and environmental protection plans.

Under the country’s Vision 2020, it is planned to transfer 70 per cent of Rwandans from rural areas to planned settlements. The current rate is 55.8 per cent.

Last year, President Kagame and top officials from different government institutions joined residents of Rweru, where several infrastructure projects were handed over to residents.

The completed project included a health post, a model village with connection to electricity and water, a modern market (agakiriro), 17 classrooms and a 12-kilometre road from Kagasa to Batima.

Big day for vulnerable citizens

The project in Rweru would be replicated in many other parts of the country.

Vulnerable Rwandans will be celebrating Liberation Day with smiles on their faces as the Government hands new homes to them. Other citizens will also take time off their daily chores to reflect on what they have achieved in the last 23 years.

Rwanda’s achievements since the end of the genocide include attaining stable security for citizens as the rule of law was established and maintained in the country, economic development as poverty levels have been significantly dropping, unity and reconciliation among Rwandans, and exemplary policies in many areas from decentralisation of power to women empowerment.

The country is ranked globally as one of the safest places to live in, one of the best places for women to live, and certainly one of the easiest places to do business.