Umushyikirano 2017: Day 2 and Youth at the centre of Rwanda’s transformation process

Umushyikirano 2017: Day 2 and Youth at the centre of Rwanda’s transformation process

Speaking on a panel at the Umushyikirano 2017 yesterday, the Minister for Youth, Rosemary Mbabazi, called drug abuse a life-threatening vice.

The panel, moderated by Gloria Mukamabano of RBA, focused on the role of youth in Rwanda’s development and included Edouard Bamporiki, Chairman of Itorero Commission, and Jaures Habineza, founder of Made in Rwanda Online.

With youth accounting for over 60% of the population, the conversation served as an opportunity to discuss concrete steps forward to ensure that Rwandan youth are able to fulfill their potential.

Minister Mbabazi called on the youth to be willing to take risks, build on available opportunities, and to think big.

Jaures Habineza shared the work of his company, which currently provides an e-market platform for Made-in-Rwanda products. Habineza urged the youth living abroad to put their skills to use to contribute to Rwanda’s transformation.

Focusing on the role of Rwandan values, Bamporiki described the importance of valuing Rwandan values and building a future founded on a society that is proud of its identity.

“We cannot allow our youth to go to waste,” President Kagame said, inviting all Rwandans to join in the effort.

President Kagame, who had delivered his State of the Nation address at the opening of the Umushyikirano on Monday, tweeted: Let’s not settle for ceremonies, let’s get to work. We know what needs to be done. Take full advantage of available Govt services. We will continue to expand and improve them, and uphold public integrity.

Describing the annual gathering as a success, Kagame said the event had served as a platform for “enriching discussions on values and mindset needed to speed up Rwanda’s development”

And, to the youth, the Head of State had this message: To the young people of #Rwanda, being young is not enough. You cannot afford to waste any opportunity. Do not let the fear of failure or taking risks stand in the way of who you can be. Claim your rightful place in the world, no one will hand it to you.”

On the last day of the Umushyikirano 2017, yesterday, participants discussed strategies to place the youth at the centre of the country’s transformation process.

Earlier, on Monday, the meeting deliberations revolved around the topics, “National Strategy for Transformation”, and “Values for Prosperity”.


The Umushyikirano resolutions focused on key areas of education, health, economy and culture. In the education sector, the resolutions include improving the quality of education, increasing the number of professional schools and reducing drop-out rates. The meeting also resolved to increase skills and service of health professionals and to improve childhood nutrition. On the economy, the resolutions include increasing access to finances for investors in Made-in-Rwanda products, closing the gap between exports and imports of goods, reducing the price of access to electricity and increasing access throughout the country. On culture, the meeting committed to teaching Rwandan children the country’s values both in Rwanda and abroad.