RAC launches Go-Karts racing in Rwanda

It was an exciting week end as Rwandans watched the first ever Go-Karts racing while many had an opportunity to drive the go-karts for free thanks to the Rwanda Automobile Club (RAC).

RAC sponsored the first ever Go-karts racing in Rwanda. The launch that took place on Saturday 25th August at the Kigali Convention Centre and Radisson Blu Hotel Kigali came at the end of a three-day long International Automobile Federation (FIA) conference and workshop at, which brought together the world’s major stakeholders in motorsport.

The event attracted many professional drivers who demonstrated their skills to the motor loving fans many of whom were also given a chance to show their racing skills.

The sport is widely seen as a nursery bed for some of the world’s greatest Formula One drivers such as Micheal Schumacher, ex-champion Nicolas Rosberg, and current world champion Lewis Hamilton.

FIA President Jean Todt launched the go-karting first race with Chritian Gakwaya the President of Rwanda Automobile Club that has been instrumental in bringing the sport to the country together with PS Ntigengwa John from Minispoc.

“Go-karting will help add to the entertainment list plus boosting social interest in motorsport in Rwanda and also help Rwandan youth to start racing at an early age and become professionals in future” said Gakwaya.

FIA President Jean Todt launched the go-karting first race with Chritian Gakwaya the President of Rwanda Automobile Club with PS Ntigengwa J.

“We have Go-Karts for both adults and children with a focus on the latter age group around grassroot development of the sport. This will not only give access to young drivers but also increase participation among the ladies,” Gakwaya said.

Kart Racing is a type of open-wheel motor sport. It is commonly seen as the stepping stone to the higher and more expensive ranks of motorsports.

The race uses small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts depending on the design. They are usually raced on scaled-down kart circuits. And you don’t even need a driver’s licence.

Christian Gakwaya the President of Rwanda Automobile Club before racing.

Mujiji Kevin a student at Kigali Independent University and co-driver with Tassos Fergadiotis and one of those that demonstrated the Kart racing at the launch said all that one needs to kart race is to know how to drive.

“The sport is good and anyone who knows how to drive can try it out. After getting used to the way the kart works and having several competitions here in Rwanda, I will try to register for the international racing competitions in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa” said Mujiji.


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