Electoral commission releases provisional list of MPs-elect

Electoral commission releases provisional list of MPs-elect

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) yesterday released the preliminary list of all the 80 individuals elected to the Lower House.

They include 53 fronted by political parties (who were elected through universal suffrage), 24 women representatives, two representatives of the youth, and one MP-elect who will represent the interests of the people living with disabilities.

President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF)-Inkotanyi and six of its coalition partners won most seats (40), Social Democratic Party (PSD) got five seats, Liberal Party (PL) won four seats, while newcomers Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) and PS-Imberakuri secured two seats each.

None of four independents got the required minimum of 5 per cent to secure a seat.

Prof. Kalisa Mbanda, the NEC chairperson, hailed the poll yesterday as peaceful.

“Generally, the elections were held in a peaceful environment and we are thank all Rwandans, the media and other stakeholders for their positive role throughout the exercise,” he said.


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