Kagame shares Rwanda’s story with US business leaders

Kagame shares Rwanda’s story with US business leaders

President Paul Kagame Monday evening addressed a gathering of over 300 business leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US, where he said that Rwanda has put behind the tragedies of the past decades to shape a better future.

“We don’t allow ourselves to get lost in our tragedies because if you do that, that is where you stay. The lessons should be able to inform as to how we shape our future,” he said at an event hosted by HIINGA, a Christian Investment Fund.

In these tragedies, Kagame said, “there are silver linings, people emerge and aspire for a much better future than they have experienced.”

On Rwanda charting its own path, President Kagame told the business leaders that the country has no specific set of rules that have guided her development blueprint.

“We don’t follow rules, we follow choices. There is no rule book for us. If things work for us, we celebrate. If they don’t, we don’t blame anybody. We look back and ask where did we go wrong?”

“We do not make other people’s mistakes. We have had relationship where people come and tell you what to do and when things go wrong it’s on you, and they turn around and blame you for it,” the President added.

HIINGA is a Christian economic development organisation with a mission to create jobs by investing in African entrepreneurs through the funding of micro, small and medium enterprise companies. 



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