Lonely Planet names Nyungwe the best canopy walkway in the world

Lonely Planet names Nyungwe the best canopy walkway in the world

The canopy walkway in Nyungwe National Park has been named the world’s best forest canopy walkway, topping a list of this year’s 11 best canopy walkways, according to a latest report by Lonely Planet.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Lonely Planet is one of the largest travel guide book publisher.

The report is issued to recognise and appreciate the vital significance of forests in giving travellers a new perspective on the destinations they visit, bringing people eye-level with birds and other wildlife in an eco-friendly fashion.


About Nyungwe canopy

Nine years after its launch, the canopy walkway is hung on 160 meters (525ft) of sturdy suspension bridges and metal platforms, what is commonly referred to as a perfect vintage by travellers from which to witness the 13 primate species,

Ranging from the diverse birds, butterflies including chimpanzees and more calling this park home.

The walkway also appears after a hike of about an hour down the Igishigishigi trail and is accessible on a US$60 guided tour.

One can enjoy a riveting experience from the canopy at four different tour departure times of the day, including 8am, 10am, 1pm and 3pm.

Launched by Rwanda Development Board in 2010, the Nyungwe Canopy walkway was created to allow tourists experience a view above the animals and the upper storey of the forest.


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