Government to develop a sports hub in Remera

Government to develop a sports hub in Remera

The Ministry of Infrastructure has revealed that at least 35 hectares in Remera, in which Amahoro National Stadium and Kigali Arena are located will get a facelift so as to produce Remera Sports Hub.

At a press conference on January 29, Amb.Claver Gatete, the Minister for Infrastructure said activities to upgrade the area into a Modern Sports Center are expected to start this year.

He added that after the construction of Kigali Arena which complies with international standards, the surrounding facilities will get a facelift and be turned into a Sports Hub.

Kigali Arena, is an indoor stadium, which has a sitting capacity of about 10,000 people and is among Africa’s top 10 indoor sports venues and the biggest in East Africa. It has been used for the Basketball Africa League Qualifiers and music concerts since it was constructed last year.

“Before building Kigali Arena, we had carried out thorough studies so that it becomes a multi-purpose facility and fulfills all international standards. It can host both International basketball competitions and big music shows. That is why we are going to upgrade all surrounding sports facilities to produce a One Sports Center that is in line with international standards,” he said.

The Sport Hub will start from the location of Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) headquarters among other parts which have to be relocated.

The  Sports Center , he said, will cover the  whole area hosting Kigali Arena, Amahoro Stadium which must upgraded, RBC which must relocate, Amahoro indoor stadium which will be upgraded, play grounds  and Paralympic facilities which  have  also to be upgraded and Remera metropolitan police as well as  Remera health center  among  others to be relocated.

“We have developed a master plan of the sports center. We have mapped all games that will be hosted in this center. Every game will have a playground namely basketball, football, tennis courts, bicycles lanes and other games. Both children, youth and adults will have access to their games of choice,” he said.

Besides that, we will also develop an aquatic centre with swimming pools and other recreational amenities, he said.

Gatete further explained that after the upgrade, the capacity of Amahoro Stadium will increase from hosting 25,000 people to 45,000 people.

“The playing grounds in Amahoro Stadium, Amahoro indoor stadium and Paralympic facilities will also be upgraded so as to fulfill international standards” .

He also stressed that a hotel will also be built in the same centre.

“A big mall will be constructed by a private investor in the area where RBC is located. They will start building immediately after RBC relocates,” he noted and added, “Upgrading activities for this hub are going to start this year.”

There are other sports projects in the pipeline in the city, he said citing land that has also been secured in Kicukiro district. The district is home to Gahanga cricket stadium which was inaugurated in  2017.

“We have also a golf club that is upgrading its golf course from 9 hole to an 18 course and many others .All these other sports facilities will be linked to Remera sports center so as to attract people to this city,” he added.