Rwandans in Perth, Australia celebrate Umuganura 2020

Rwandans in Perth, Australia celebrate Umuganura 2020

The Rwandan Community in Perth Australia on Saturday, August 8 came together to celebrate Umuganura along with the wider African and Australian community.

With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions being eased in Western Australia, the event was attended by over 150 people while observing social distancing and other Covid-19 prevention measures.

The event was attended by the Australian community, West Australian Police Force and the Organization of African Community in WA (OAC-WA).

The celebrations featured Rwandan elders showcasing the tradition of Umuganura through various presentations on Rwandan arts and culture, local food, harvest and the spirit of sharing.

In addition, Rwandan youth, through a dance troupe ‘Indatwa’, performed traditional Rwandan dances, poems depicting their historic culture and values.

Claude Manzi, the President of RCA-Perth thanked all the attendees and spoke about how Umuganura is one of the many celebrations that bring unity and self-reliance to the global Rwandan community.