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Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Trekking


When visiting the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, one should not miss out on the magnificent opportunity to visit Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park (PNV) consisting of 125 km2 of mountain forest and home to the six Virunga Volcanoes and the world famous mountain gorillas. Protected within the PNV, the lushly forested slopes of the mountains form an appropriately dramatic natural setting for what is arguably the most poignant and memorable wildlife experience in the world: gorilla trekking.

The exhilarating climb to the gorilla’s natural habitat of shady bamboo forest offers fantastic views in all directions, before the trackers are immersed in the mysterious intimacy of the rainforest, alive with the calls of colourful birds and the chattering of the rare golden monkey. Nothing can prepare one for the impact of encountering a fully-grown silverback gorilla, up to three times the size of an average man, yet remarkably peaceful and tolerant of human visitors.

Book your permit : Gorilla permits can be booked at the RDB Tourism and Conservation Reservation Office in person, either by telephone (252 57 65 14) or via email:

Cost for gorilla permits:

  • US$ 1500 per person for all visitors.


  • US$ 15,000 for personalized & exclusive mountain gorilla visits for a targeted Gorilla family.
  • US$ 30,000 for a minimum of 3 visitors for 3 consecutive days (Behind the scenes).


  • 30% discount (US$ 1,050) for combined trips within National Parks in Rwanda (Gorilla Trekking, Akagera and/or Nyungwe National Park) for at least 3 days during the months of November-May.
  • 15% discount (US$ 1,275) on conference delegates who stay pre & post MICE events to see gorillas.


  • US$ 5,000 for 3 consecutive days for Mountain Gorilla filming and professional photography.
  • US$ 12,000 for Mountain Gorilla filming and photography per crew per day (maximum 8 people).

The fees are inclusive of park entry fees.

It is advisable to organize your own transportation to take you up to the park boundaries. Access begins in the lively town of Musanze, situated 12km from Kinigi, the base of the entrance of the park. Musanze is a 90-minute drive from Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali.

One can get to Musanze from Kigali either by private vehicle or by public taxi minibus. If you intend to make a gorilla visit, you will need to organise your own transport from Musanze town to the park boundaries at Kinigi, where you will continue your trip on foot. Vehicles can be hired for this purpose in Musanze town. On the day of you are scheduled to trek, you must present yourself for briefing at the RDB Tourism & Conservation offices situated at the prefecture offices in Kinigi at 7:00 AM.

RDB Tourism & Conservation currently has English and French speaking trained guides as well as a team of 80 trained gorilla trackers, many of whom speak French or English.

Other tours

From Musanze, there are other hiking tours besides Gorilla Trekking

  • Dian Fossey Tomb Trail – Mount Bisoke, Dian Fossey Tomb site, Kirisoke Research Center
  • Crater Lake Hike – Ngezi Crater Lake on Mount Bisoke
  • Golden Monkey Trekking


Permits can be booked at, preferably 3-6 months in advance.

More information available at 




Iby’lwacu Cultural Village

Located just outside the Volcanoes National Park, this living museum highlights aspects of traditional Rwandan society. Visitors can expect to be greeted by thunderous drumming, joyful dancing, and the kind of hospitality that has permeated Rwandan society for centuries. The village features hands-on activities related to the rituals and ways of life in the ancient Rwandan kingdom. Some of Iby’Iwacu’s presenters and performers were previous poachers who’ve now been able to make a new livelihood through this memorable, interactive stop designed for visitors of all ages. The village also offers extended trips into the countryside as well as overnight lodging that can be arranged in advance.


  • US$35 per person for a day visit. Includes all activities at the village and a community walk in the village to visit village elders, women, and children and other community projects.
  • US$70 per person per night for an overnight stay at the Village, including breakfast, lunch and dinner and all village activities.

More information available at

Lake Kivu

Congo-Nile Trail

The Congo Nile Trail is the linking corridor crossing the Congo Nile divide and connecting the two national treasures – the mountain Gorillas that live in Volcanoes National Park in the north  and Nyungwe National park, a biodiversity paradise in the south.

With 227 km of magnificent forests, plantations, villages, and vistas over the lake,, the Congo Nile Trail includes eight base camps, two main paths and four secondary trails, which all make this a breathtaking once-in-a-lifetime hiking experience.

The trail passes starts from Gisenyi in the north, one can expect to find accommodation and camp facilities at Rwinyoni, Kinunu, Musasa, Rubengera junction, Kibuye, Mugonera, Karengera, Kibogora and Shangi before ending the trail at Kamembe in Rusizi.

A detailed map is available for free at any of Rwanda Development Board’s offices in Gisenyi, Musanze, or Kigali.

Visit  and for more information.


For more about Rwanda Tourism attractions, visit:

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