High Commissioner’s Message

guillaume-kavarugandaRemarks from the High Commissioner, Ambassador Guillaume Kavaruganda, 9 September 2015.

The Republic of Rwanda recently celebrated its 21st liberation anniversary (Kwibohora-21) and this marked a milestone in our period of reconstruction and reconciliation. Rwanda has achieved what it has with support from various friendly countries and international organizations. The Republic of Singapore has particularly been a reliable and major partner in Rwanda’s development journey. In the public sector for example, the Government of Singapore has generously opened its doors for Rwandan leaders and institutions to learn from Singapore’s experience and expertise as we pursue our development agenda. We hope to pursue this amiable relationship further, developing stronger ties in trade, investment and tourism. Under Rwanda’s Vision 2020, the Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS 2) has been launched in 2013. Its main objective is to devise Rwanda’s medium-term strategy in order to put Rwanda on a higher growth trajectory to ensure that the country achieves middle-income status by 2020. We hope to communicate Rwanda’s vision of development, strengthening its ties with partners in the region and giving a voice to Rwanda’s perspective on issues plaguing the international arena, whether it be on climate change or on methods to alleviate poverty.

We therefore would like to extend an invitation to Friends of Rwanda and Rwandans living in the region to make this vision a reality, and strengthen the partnerships that would contribute to our development.